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vlc http stream glitches

I’m working on a project that utilizes vlc to stream video over http. It’s a pretty straightforward command, it works well & stable. Here’s what I receive:


The artifacts here are normal, it’s just P/B-frames before an I-frame/keyframe comes along (every 250 with h264 by default). They look even nicer, when there’s not much data (movement or noise, that is):


But as soon as I try to set the bitrate, it’s real glitches galore:

I tried Ubuntu’s 2.0.3, compiled 2.0.5 by myself, but the problem is still there. It’s either the low default bitrate (about 400kb/s, I think) – or a custom bitrate that is way over my bandwith, as the glitches go away at >1000kb/s.

The solution workaround I settled on was to use x264 (by the venc parameter), which let’s you set your bitrate without fucking up your bits.

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