Reprojection Error

Photographic exploration of depth perception in photography.

I was always fascinated by the weird relationship of 3d “reality” and its 2d photographic reproduction. The viewer re-imagines this space according to aesthetic habits. Jarring contradictory or ambiguous parts of the image stress photography’s “media-ness”: the medium’s unavoidable shortcomings become the image’s possibilities.

I hunted for optical near-illusions and found my subject matter in their preconditions: the meaning of depth perception in photography; an anti-thesis to documentary so-called truth and the illusion of Street Photography.

Reprojection Error was one of my final projects at Neue Schule Berlin.
Our final exhibtion: ENDE NEU

There’s a good photo book with similar images from history: “First Doubt — Optical Confusion in Modern Photography: Selections from the Allan Chasanoff Collection”, published by Yale University Press (amazon).


Reprojection Error Ruhrgebiet

An earlier take on the subject, made in context of an exchange project with the Ruhrakademie Schwerte:
20/20 Kannst du es sehen?

The exhibition took place at Galerie Kalthoff in Essen.


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