luma relief

An interactive 3D video installationLuma relief (a working title) is the “advanced 3D sequel” to Black Box.

  • It’s in color and in 3D (red/cyan anaglyph).
  • It’s more focused on the virtual image’s sculptural qualities.
  • There’s a complex relationship of axes: the screen and the camera aren’t perpendicular, neither is the spotlight. The virtual image is skewed in a way to reverse the camera’s vantage point. It’s no mirror any more.
  • Shadows shape the virtual image in a more controllable fashion.

Go get your red-cyan glasses!

The setup.

At my “Vordiplom” presentation at HGB/Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig.

the gray rectangle improves the image AND helps you keep track of the camera’s axis

You can see me there, holding a camera. Unless you’re blinded by the spotlight!

Ooh I look stupid. But happy.

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